The thing is

part of the Poetry Hivemind series

Every time I eat out now I enjoy it twofold. First [in] simply eating, second I get to support some local people.

The thing is I'm drinking too much.
The thing is that even
though yes I am supporting yes I am
being supportive yes I
am in fact being a good citizen not
like some people I could
		the thing is it's not good for
me myself even though I'm
saving money in the long run even though
I'm cooking more at home
(though the cycle of dishes eating dishes
does take its toll if I'm
honest) even though
					I am doing
the best I can (aren't we
all given the circumstances) aren't we
together in this I am simply
eating I am simply supporting I
am wondering whether it means
anything all that we do or all that we
are or all that we support the thing
is this is clearing everything away