To You Older Folks

I dig the Monkees.
5th Dimension's cool.
Frank Sinatra's nice
And not just at the time of Yule.
As Peter, Paul, and Mary said,
"I Dig Rock 'n' Roll Music,"
So do I. I don't know why,
But it gives me a kick.
The Crusaders are groovy.
The Beatles are fine
I've a couple of records
That are mine, all mine.
Cat Stevens rocks!
He listens to the Wind,
And I don't know if he liked Scotch,
But he let his music take him
Where his heart wanted
To go.
So this poem is dedicated to
You Older Folks.
You lived in groovy times!
And remember that down
The Long and Winding Road of Life,
You've got to Let it Be.