Area Descriptions

Glacier Ridge, Dollywood

Arctic Passage

After a few hours she came to an Arctic Passage with cliffs of ice towering high above her. She slowed down her walking, and made sure to keep quiet so as not to trigger an avalanche down the walls of ice. She looked up at the walls in wonder as they were lit by the light of the stars above. She smiled when she found the Great Bear constellation in the sky. She imagined it as Black Bear, showing her the way to her house.

By the time she was through the Arctic Passage, she was getting hungry. She knew that Dropline Bay, where some family of hers lived, was nearby, so she decided to stop by and see them for breakfast.

Dropline Bay

Dropline Bay had a calm beach on the northern ocean where a great many polar bears lived. Polar Bear arrived to just as the first rays of light were peaking over the Bay, bathing the whole beach in a pink light. She could see her family members wading in the water to catch fish, and called out to them.

"Hello!" she called. "I'm going to visit our cousin Black Bear for Christmas, and was hoping you could share some of your fish. I've been traveling all night and I'm very hungry."

Her family welcomed her in and gave her some fresh fish to eat. They traded news as they ate, laughing and swapping news. After the meal was over, she said good-bye and promised to bring them news of the South when she came back to Dropline Bay. With that, Polar Bear continued on her way to the Smoky Mountains to see Black Bear.

Glacier Ridge

After a few weeks, the land began to rise up from the ocean and Polar Bear could see more of the country around her. Pretty soon she realized she was up on a ridge overlooking the whole landscape. She could see for miles and miles, from the sea all the way to the mountains far in the west. She had made it to Glacier Ridge.

Walking down the Ridge reminded her of the ridges she and Black Bear played on in the Smoky Mountains as cubs. They would run all the way to the tops of them and slide back down on sleds of tree bark. Thinking of those times sledding gave Polar Bear an idea: she could make it to Black Bear much faster if she could sled down the Ridge!

There was only one problem: there were no trees on top of Glacier Ridge, only ice and snow. Polar Bear sat down to think about what she could do. The ice was so slick underneath her that she began to slide, all on her own. At first she was scared, but she soon realized that she could be the sled all by herself. She lay down on her belly and slid all the way down the Ridge, toward a forest of trees.