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"I don't want to see your eyes or your faces"
Gnashing Teeth
"Fever Dreams"
Sweet Tree Review
"In Bed"
"Sifting Beans"
Nude Bruce Review
"Time looks up to the sky" (p. 84 ↗)
Sequoya Review
"Rough Gloves" (p. 47 ↗)
"The Difference" (p. 28 ↗)
"The Mountain" (p. 58 ↗)
"The Storm Crosses the Threshold" (p. 38 ↗)
Tales of the Fediverse, volume 1, ed. David
XCV (p. 39 ↗)


Very early, very bad poems
I began writing poems in seventh grade. I asked on Mastodon whether I should publish those, and the response was resoundingly yes. So they live in their own little section: Φ.
Autocento of the breakfast table
Elegies for alternate selves (pdf ↗)


"Treasury Department holds Unclaimed Property Awareness Day at Mall" (24 Aug. 2015 ↗)
"LSU Genetics Lab Contributes to 1000 Genome Project" (12 Oct. 2015 ↗)
"Southern University Looking to Authorize Charters" (16 Oct. 2015 ↗)
"Seeing a New City in a Blank Wall" (23 Oct. 2015 ↗)
"State Legislature Sees Little Turnover" (2 Nov. 2015 ↗)
"Giant Omelette, and French Tradition, Served in Abbeville" (13 Nov. 2015 ↗)
"Local doctor invents plantar fasciitis-fighting flip flop" (23 Nov. 2015 ↗)