“Little old books full of stories of horses”

I am a librarian. I am a special kind of librarian, however, not your run-of-the-mill, hair-in-a-bun, severe-faced, glasses-wearing librarian, but rather a horse librarian. I deal exclusively in books about horses. Libris equis, you could call them. I call them that. Most of the books are manuals of some kind: how to stable the horse, how to bathe it, how to feed it and water it and help it grow into a big strong horse, how to bet in a horse race, who to back, the optimal weight of jockeys, where horses come from, surveys of wild horse populations, histories of the domestication of horses, you know. But my favorites are the books full of horse stories, with their covers with black horses so tall, in paperback covers. I don’t read any of them, but I like seeing the children come by and pick them up and take them home, and seeing them again a week later with the books back in their hands, ready for more.