Mindfulness on tape

It’s funny how, even though this is only my third day of #AudioMo, it’s been affecting the way that I listen to the sounds around me. I remember it was similar while I was interning at WRKF – I became somewhat more mindful of the different hums, sighs, whirs, clicks, birdsong, barks, engines, creaks, footsteps, and everything else that I’m sure goes on all the time without me paying attention.

Today, I decided to record myself washing dishes, since dishwashing can be a time to practice my mindfulness as well; I read somewhere something about only washing dishes when washing dishes, Zen-style, and that’s what I tried to do today. It was really funny when I ended up farting, and then I chuckled about it being on the tape!1 It felt good to be so in the moment, and #AudioMo helped me feel that.

Toward the end of the audio, Rachel arrives home, so there’s some conversation there as well. I did get her permission to record, so don’t worry. Or I suppose I’m letting you know that I’m not worried. Hm. Either way, it’s her birthday today so we’re about to go out and golf. Hear you tomorrow!

  1. I haven’t actually listened to the audio as of my drafting this post, so it’s possible you can’t hear it. It’s funny to me, regardless.↩︎