On failure, lightly

Today’s submission to #AudioMo is a recording of my bike ride home from therapy. I didn’t realize that putting my phone in the pocket of my backpack would cause most of the sound to be the rustling and squeaking of that pocket. That’s exactly what happened.

In a way, I feel that this is informative on failure and how it is ultimately a product of the mind. I failed to meet the expectations I’d had for the audio I captured, namely, sounds of my bike, the birds, passing vehicles, some of my own narration, loud and clear in the headphones of the listener. However, I did capture all of these sounds, albeit underneath the squeak and groan of a phone in a backpack pocket. I also completed the requirements for #AudioMo, meaning that I succeeded there.’

This post serves as a reminder to take failures as opportunities for growth (I do need to get a better recording setup if I’m going to keep doing this, and I know now not to put my recording device in my pocket), and to see past the immediate disappointment in order to rejigger my expectations around reality. It sounds a little sad, and maybe it is, but that’s life, right?

I forgot to mention, there’s also a lot of chatter from my GPS giving me directions. I’d never biked to therapy before! The bike ride was really a lot of fun. Anyway, you could (if you wanted) try to retrace at least this part of my ride, so I leave that as an exercise to the reader (and listener!).