Yr basic loaf

I’m including this recipe because I need somewhere to put my recipe. The original one I was using was used as a dough spoon holder so it looks like this:

An illegible recipe.

So here’s a digital copy.


4 c bread flour
2 t Kosher salt
3 t yeast
2 c water


Mix, knead, rise;
Shape, pan, proof;
Bake at 450F - 25-30 minutes


I don’t actually use 2 cups of water, or rather I do but I add a lot more flour after that. This loaf today I didn’t add as much as I usually do (and I mixed by machine instead of by hand) and the loaf came out quite good actually. So maybe mix by machine if you can, or it’ll stick all over your hands for sure.

I also only use 3 teaspoons of yeast (instead of the 3 1/3 called for on the note paper) because I’m lazy and I don’t know how to measure a third of a teaspoon. Sometimes I put a little over 3 teaspoons in there, for good measure.

Hey, like I said, it’s a basic loaf! It’s tasty though, trust me.