I’ve made a dinner-type brown gravy a few times with other meals, but a breakfasty gravy has eluded me … until today! If you know anything about cooking you’ll probably say, “Duh,” about this, but it’s apparently really important to have way more milk than roux to make this work. I forget where I got this insight from but it was some forum or something online. Anyway it’s actually very simple, so here it is!


1 T all-purpose flour
1 T oil
1 c milk
.. pepper
.. whatever else (fauxsage? etc?)


Make a roux with the flour and oil by heating the oil in a pan and whisking in the flour. Stir pretty much constantly for like, 5 minutes, til the color starts changing and it doesn’t smell “raw.” Super precise, I know. Stir in your milk and pepper and whatever and cook it until it gets thick, another 5-ish minutes. It’s pretty ding-dang good and thickens up nice as it sits in the gravy boat.