Practical Magic

I read this book because I saw the movie and thought it was pretty good, but also clearly a movie adaptation of a book. I could tell that the novel would have more detail about the characters, their lives, and their motivations, which interested me because the characters were great. So I picked up the book, and honestly it’s very different from the movie. The plot is slower, more thoughtful, with less of an overarching arc. It’s more a life-spanning novel, if that makes sense; it explores the relationship between the two sisters through their lives through multiple vignettes. The aunts, which feature very heavily in the movie, don’t as much in the book, but the daughters do very much more. I liked the multi-generational depiction of women’s struggles, which I think is really what the book’s about, and I’m glad the book did not feature the climactic scene from the movie, which I thought was awkwardly tacked-on.