Series: Moon photos

Photographing the moon in color for a year
An attempt to learn to play with my cat (a little while)
The sky is the limit
A perfect way to do a sentence
The sky
Vault guard
An attempt to build a statue out in my cat's paw (another little while)
Tetris effect
The heavens that compose them
Swans and geese
I worry.
Breakfast at the house
Shall it stop now?
There's something missing from your day
you wish you could share it with us
The best ride on Earth will take you from the heart of America to the heart of Australia
And to worship Him ever in the heavens;
The earth isn't my enemy
Spider (3)
Fargo, North Dakota
An attempt at an iambic haiku (mirror of you)
I have no idea how it happened
A little bit of everything helps
A beautiful day (with a little moonlight) on Mars
I am one with each and every one
The sand
Wind blew
Fruit tree (1)
Polar bears
I want you, I like you, I want you
Baked beans
Dish (1)
And why don't you
Oh please don't be sad
"I could just hit on it, you know? To take it to the high school field!"
Hear me now, ye gentle people, my brethren here in London;
The rat, part 1
Little old books full of stories of horses
moon, every night, and every day
An effortful song is the best way to do something right
Failed poem about the Mississippi River and the moon
All of a sudden
Storytime - Part 1 - The Sun
Vanity jar
There's a big void in your heart
Oatmeal, my oatmeal
Odysseus, on the blackest of nights, without
I don't want to see your eyes or your faces
But yeah - hey!
The "Night"
my breath, when I can
(and maybe this year?)
Storytime - Part 5 - The Stars
We're all a lot more comfortable
A tree on fire
And am here to sing my heart's content to Him in a church,
An attempt to build a house out of my cat (a little while)
The wind
Vintage diary
Wake up and look who woke up!
Just, really?