Stuff I Wrote

by Case Duckworth

Consider this a writing portfolio of sorts. I've included news articles I've written, interviews I've performed, blog posts & other copy I've written, and writing I've published.

Interviews Business Person of the Month
Mary Ellen Slayter, Rep Cap
Chef Amanda Schonberg, Chef Schonberg's Sweets
Jeremy Beyt, Three Sixty Eight
Pam Cannatella, Cannatella's Grocery
Blog posts EBRPL's Career Center
YouTube channel video roundups
Introduction to LAWork's unemployment portal
Micro-internships with Parker Dewey
Salary negotiation 101: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Career Focus: Veterinary Technology
Videos EBRPL
How to use the Gale Business Plan Builder
Introduction to Small Business Services at EBRPL
Advance your career with Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning Certifications
How to apply for a job at Wal-Mart
Reference Ready: Choosing and presenting your references
How to create an email address
How to apply for a job at Dollar Tree
News stories WRKF
Local doctor invents plantar fasciitis-fighting flip flop
Giant omelette, and French tradition, served in Abbeville
State Legislature sees little turnover
Seeing a new city in a blank wall
Southern University looking to authorize charters
LSU Genetics Lab contributes to 1000 Genome Project
Creative work
I don't want to see your eyes or your faces, Cues
Fever dreams, Gnashing Teeth
In bed & Sifting beans, Sweet Tree Review
Rough gloves & The difference & The mountain & The storm crosses the threshold, Sequoya Review