I’ve done a couple of larger projects over the years as well. Some are hosted elsewhere; when those elsewheres retire I move the project back here. Sometimes the whole thing is completely lost. I’ll just tell you about those.


Interstitial - 2018
I decided to rebuild my site from scratch. At first, I was going to write my own static site generator with Python but it failed. I put this up while I worked on the new thing. In the interest of keeping everything, I’m leaving it here.
Autocento of the breakfast table - 2015
My master’s thesis, a hypertextual collection of pretty much all my work to date (in 2015), including a lot of smaller projects like The Book of Hezekiah, Buildings out of air, or my undergraduate thesis work. It’s not the first time I really used pandoc and Make to build a project, but I lost the source code to the very first time (my undergraduate thesis), and it was the first time I built something like it for the web. It’s hosted at Gitlab, if you want to see the source.
LOOSE POOPS are sometimes a surprise.
LOOSE POOPS are an artist collective.
LOOSE POOPS are because revision is sometimes tiresome.
LOOSE POOPS are explorations into the child parts of ourselves.
LOOSE POOPS are gorilla art.
E-Chapbooks - 2012
I made some online chapbooks for an undergraduate writing workshop I was in. They were on the department webpage, for a while, but they’ve since been taken down and forgotten.


Vim plugins
inspired by syntax off and nofrils. My current scheme.
vim-tenhundred: a spellfile to make you use the 1000 [most common words] in English.
which I don’t use any more anyway. Why am I including it here?
townie: the source code of my presences at
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