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I recently earned a promotion at work. I'm now a Library Technician II, working in the Career Center and the Small Business Services. I'm liking the job so far: in the Career Center, I help people find work and get better work, and upstairs I help people who want to start their own businesses. I'm learning a lot about business as a side-effect. I do not want to start my own.

I've been biking to work now for about a month. It's amazing. My legs hurt a lot (I think I'm still getting used to it; plus I need to try rolling them out at home) but I feel more energetic, more mentally fit, more healthy in general. Plus I love my bike! I should put a picture on here sometime.

Our new marriage is going very well. We were always a team, but now we're, like, officially a team. I love referring to her as my wife. I love talking about how marriage is the same as dating in the ways that people say it'll be different, and different in the ways they say it'll be the same. I love having a partner.

I was crocheting a lot around Christmastime, but I've since stopped. I want to get back into it. Making things with my hands is very satisfying, more so than writing: I know when I'm done with a crocheted piece.

I got a copy of K & R's The C Programming Language and tried to read through it. I got about a third of the way through and lost interest. Of course, I was also trying to program a new static site generator for, so C took a back seat. I'm slowly trying to piece an SSG together using shell, awk, and make. I want it to be as POSIX as possible, as a challenge. I've got a pretty good shell-to-HTML converter and I'm just working on developing a macro-type language and interpreter in awk to convert documents to shell, so I can pipe those into a templating thing. It's kind of big to me, still.

I've started this website over. I want it to be much smaller, much more me: it was before, but it was unfocused. I threw everything in there. I want to be more cognizant of what I publish, and make the whole thing more ... professional is the wrong word, but I don't know the right one. Thoughtful?