Vintage diary
Vanity jar
An effortful song is the best way to do something right
Hear me now, ye gentle people, my brethren here in London;
A little bit of everything helps
I worry.
Writing "Vault guard," a short interactive fiction story
Mindfulness on tape
On failure, lightly
pedestrians, coastlines, and navigation
Science as a god
hometowns, shame, coffee, and whiteness
Bad vegan
computers, Mardi Gras, communication, and living with our parents
climate change, depression, fluff, Mardi Gras
socks, umami, turtles, and tech
media, millenials, kindness, and cars
Managing my passwords with KeePassXC
My dotfiles
Adventures in QEMU
A theory as to the origins of the Mandela effect
Figuring out whether a table is empty in Lua
Installing tinytinyrss and wallabag on
On recipes and food blogs
Update a website with Git