Thi past weekend was pretty good — the weather was quite nice and I was able to sit outside with the dogs and just hang out for a while. I also released license 0.2, though I'm thinking about bumping it to 0.3 to take the other licenses off line — it seems like a lot to have the user download licenses, especially since they're all just text files. How much space could it take up? Maybe I could have two different things? But that seems like a lot.

Other than that, I slept a lot this weekend. I took two naps yesterday — I just couldn't stay awake. I think it was my circadian rhythm being weird though, rather than anything else. I was fine today.

The governor gave an address this afternoon about Louisiana reopening. I forgot to listen to it but apparently we're going into phase I next week, so I'm going to be headed back to work. It's kind of scary but honestly it'll be okay to get back to some semblance of normal. We're going to have to wear masks and stuff when we go and we're going to quarantine patron's books when they come in.

There's a bird outside on the lawnchair. Now it's flown away. I think it might've been a chickadee?



I just wrote TRAINFUCK, a train-inspired bf transpiler. awwwww yeah.

Spent a long time on tilde servers today. chatted a lot. it was cool



I feel like I did a lot yesterday. I released mrgrctrnl on sr.ht, I accepted a pull request thing, I figured out some gemini stuff. It was cool.

Today I already mowed my mother-in-law's lawn, and I'm eating this weird leftover paste I made for lunch with quinoa. It's not bad, but it's not good either.

Today I need to contact all the group-bread-order people so I can get that actually happening. I'm going to set up a web page on this site to point them to for updates. That'll be the best thing to do I think.



Second night in a row of staying up late. Not drunk though!

I've been looking into modern-ish text protocols. There's gopher, which has really been around for like, ever, and now there's Gemini, which is like a middle ground b/w the web and gopher. I like it! I think I might even change the markup for unk to be more in line with it. Which will be a fun project, I think.



I was doing the dishes

when the song came on and there
it was: that tune I whistled snatches of
when walking, or showering, or
just thinking quietly to myself in the hour
before the sun went down: the song
that was my unnamed companion in my thoughts
for how long, I don't even know:
it washed over me and inside me and lay down
under my feet, it purred and the sound
drove itself into my ear where it stayed,
echoing, all the way through to now:


I just spent over an hour trying to get Castor to have pretty cursors. I went into it all excited thinking, I can contribute to an open source thing! but alas. It wasn't meant to be. I don't have any idea what I'm doing in regards to that.

So I'm frustrated.



I woke up this morning to the email that my patch for Castor, a "graphical browser for plain-text protocols," was applied! It feels really good to contribute to a cool open-source project.



Watching Judah Friedlander on Netflix. He's pretty funny but I don't know if I have another hour in me.

Made some quinoa and stuff for dinner. It was really good in a way that it hasn't been for me before. It's like, sweet and yummy! So that is coool.

There's something going on in the kitchen.

OH by the way I took a nap and feel more normal but still kind of weird. I guess this is it for #100DaysToWhatever (can anyone remember the dang ol' hashtag? what even is a hash tag?)


I'm listening to the Duncan Trussell (sp?) family hour. His voice is pretty soothing but I don't know if I'm a podcast guy really. I guess we'll see.

This morning I am very shaky and I don't know why. Maybe I had too much coffee and not enough food. I am ripping CDs though, which is nice. I'm excited to listen to things again.

I'm speaking to friends over IRC and it's raining where they are. I wish it was raining here I think, or at least sprinkling. That'd be nice in my opinion.

They're talking about improv. I guess that's what I'm doing then eh? Yes.



The desert blows its wind through you
and leaves nothing behind
this disease is like that: it blows
and leaves you and there is nothing
but afterward at night the stars



So the flour guy fell through. It was really frustrating because he kept not being in touch and it's like ... what is going to happen? You know?

Anyway I'm just going to try ordering the thing myself from the supplier. They said they'd be able to help me out so fingers crossed.



I'm going to try that #100DaysToOffload thing, starting today. So that means I should write something every day until... August 4th. I can do that.

SO today. Let's see. I installed a GUI IRC client, which is okay. I went to the store. I fell asleep hard in the afternoon and even with drinking coffee I'm not 100%. I don't know what the deal with that is.

I played some Yoshi's Island — got 2x 100% scores. I was happy about that.

Tonight for dinner, we're having the classic hot dogs and mac and cheese. It's a great meal. I'm excited.



Today, I did a lot of dishes. But still not enough.

I also worked on GRUNK some more. It's not doing what I want, quite. I think I need to think deeper about it.

I tried to get the group order in but the guy is AWOL. I don't know what's going to happen.

I drank 32oz of beer. I am tired. I will go to bed soon.


Here's a list of things I did (yesterday) today, in no particular order:



My days and nights have been running together. It's beautiful outside but I barely go there any more. My writing project for April is pretty much shot.

Oh! but my poem was published by Gnashing Teeth, so I have that going for me.

I tried writing an IRC bot for breadpunk.club but it was harder than I thought it'd be. Authentication was really pretty frustrating, not going to lie.

Other than that, this weekend was okay. I wasn't very productive home-wise. I need to be better at that.



I've invited two more users to breadpunk.club today. I'm excited for us to grow! Still much to do, however.



I think I'm giving up on my long-running sound.sed project. I've generated what I think is a good submission for the ~town noise compilation so I'm going to shut it off. I'll get my two cores back!



Today, I built an RSS feed for this website. It didn't take too long, maybe a few hours. Maybe just an hour. Time means little in quarantine. But it was quibbly and I had to figure out how to RSS-ify these dispatches. I did it one way; I might change it later. Who knows.

Bernie "suspended his campaign" today. Which apparently means he's still on the ballot (for negotiating purposes?) but isn't actually seeking the nom. Or something. I just know I'm disappointed — more than I thought I would be, honestly. It just seems like we're sliding down the hole and I have nowhere to scrabble to.

I didn't write a poem today either. It's hard when all the things I experience fall into a pattern.

Tomorrow, I have a to-do list. This is it:

Of course, my regular chores also apply.


I mowed my mother-in-law's grass this morning — it turns out I'm allergict to grass. Which is great.

I got in the car to come home and heard that Sanders dropped out. It's hitting me harder than I thought — I knew he wasn't going to win the nom, but I guess him dropping out makes it more real. I feel that I have no representation — and I recognize my privilege, as a straight white cis male. I can't even imagine what it's like for women, people of color, and LGBTQ people. I don't know where this country is going, but it's nowhere good.



I started feeling pretty bad but then we went for a walk. I feel better, especially now that we're about to eat some mac 'n' cheese.

I'm going to turn breadpunk.club into a tilde. It'll be work, but it'll be fun overall I think. A good learning experience.

It turns out that Cox won't let me use a home server, so I've been asking around about VPSes. I think I'll go for Digital Ocean — I don't want to use Amazon and the others are cheap, but are they reliable?

I'm going to begin in earnest tomorrow.


Beautiful morning. I wrote a slugify function for this site, but I realized I'm not sure how to actually include it in my templates. I'm going to have to keep thinking about that.

Plans for today:

I'm sure there's more, but I dont' know what they are. Try not to go crazy, probably.



Playing D&D with friends.


I've started a dispatches section of my site. It's going to be sort of like a blog, sort of like a stream-of-consciousness thing.

Today, we walked the dogs backward around our longer loop. We ran into a man giving away trees in his yard, and he also gave us swiss chard. He was very nice. There was a small child in a blow-up pink unicorn costume too. We listened to church on our walk home.

I did some dishes and then R's family called on Zoom. We're going to the store soon to get groceries. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to wear a mask or not.