(n.) An inscription, monogram, or cipher, containing the place and date of publication, printer's name, etc., formerly placed on the last page of a book.

this site is written in plain HTML5 using a variety of editors, notably Notepad and GNU Emacs. at some point, I'll probably write a shell script to automate a few things, but for now, I'm enjoying the plain HTML-ness of everything.

this site's text is (hopefully) typeset in Open Sans. the headers are (hopefully) typeset in Lobster and Sorts Mill Goudy. I say hopefully because fonts on the Web are complicated. is hosted on Fastmail.

|        ,////))))//((":.     |
|      ,'''""""""\\\\\\"""    |
|    ."              \\\""    |
|    |                 \,"    |
|    | ,,,,,,    ,,,,,, |"    |
|    |______ `   ______ |     |
|  |\[   _o \===/  _o  ]|/,   |
|  | |\_____/   \_____/ |"    |
|   "|       |  |       |"    |
|    |       (__)       |     |
|    |                  |     |
|    (     ( _____,     )     |
|     \                /      |
|      '\.__________./'       |
|      \`|          | ,       |
|       \|     ,    |/        |
|       /\          /\        |

about me

I like the idea of combining "about me" pages with colophons (though I don't like this plural of colophon; I would've thought it'd be something cooler, like colophodes): I played a major part in creating this webpage, after all, and it'd be very different if I weren't involved!

I was born in a holler in East Tennessee. I was an adult for quite a while before I fully realized it was a holler I was born in; I think now of fish and the water. Speaking of water, there was a creek across the road, which we'd go and watch crawdads in. There was (still is as far as I know) a mulberry tree next to the barn that we'd pick as many mulberries from as we could before the birds ate the rest. I climbed a lot of trees in those days, at home.

I went to school too, of course, and a number of extracurriculars like anyone might. Eventually, I went to college and got a degree in writing, then to another college for another degree in writing. I met my wife and we got married. We have two dogs and we live in a house in Louisiana.

I don't know what else to say about myself. I guess if you'd like to know me better, read more of this website or my other writing; if you'd still like to know me better you can contact me somehow.