That was the year that was

2019 edition

Now that I’m sitting down to write a Year in Review post, I find that I’m hard-pressed to remember anything that happened before, say, July. Maybe I need to do this post twice a year, then. At any rate, here’s a list of things that happened (in the second half of) this year:

  • The Big News is, I got married! It was a perfect day, it really was. The weather was great, and everyone I cared about was there. And of course, I got to look at Rachel a lot.
  • I tried to write a poem every day for a year, starting July 1. I made it to October, which is saying something. It was a hard thing to do.
  • I began crocheting. I’ve really enjoyed crocheting so far: it’s relaxing and it makes something after everything. It’s productive.
  • I got a promotion at work! I start my new position next month. It’s not a huge raise, but the work is going to be really interesting and it’ll give me a chance to expand my skillset. And bike further to work!
  • I started drinking again. I think that not drinking was taking over my life in the way that I was concerned drinking was, so I decided to try it again. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it up, though. I’ve done it most days since I started back.

Okay, I broke down and looked at my calendar for the first half of the year. Here’s what happened then:

  • I was in a dancing Krewe for the Mid City Gras Mardi Gras parade. I dressed in cut-off coveralls and danced all the way down the parade route, about two miles, to Bye, Bye, Bye and Hangin’ Tough.
  • I saw a few cool shows, such as Iliza Schlesinger and MONSTER JAM. Monster Trucks are so cool. We did not take ear protection though, and it was very loud.
  • My bachelor party was held in the Smoky Mountains, which was really nice. I’d not been camping for some time and I missed it.
  • I foraged for chantarelle mushrooms in the woods. That was awesome. I’m doing it again next year.
  • I began taking Escitalopram for my anxiety. I think it’s helping.
  • We began taking dance lessons. At first, it was for the wedding, but we’re continuing because it’s a lot of fun.

That’s the main things I did in 2019. In 2020, I hope to update this website more (at least more than these last months of this year), I need to be more active in my editor role at a little publication (more on that if it works out), and I need to help my friend with his manuscript. I also need to get better at being open, I think.