moon, every night, and every day


Part 41 of the 64-part series called "moon photos"

it rises and sets rises and
sets it waxes and wanes too it
circles the earth and it always
faces the earth it can
be seen day and night if it’s
looked for hard enough
but the sun its enemy blocks it
out most of the day time
but it’s still there trusting
those who seek it out will
find it if they look hard enough
it’s hidden in plain sight
as they say plain daylight
they should say it thinks alone
in the space between today
and tomorrow that’s big enough
to house every other planet in
the sun’s orbit side by side
but is still small enough to
make out craters and mountains
and a face if it’s looked for
hard enough at night or
alternatively in the day as it
rises and sets rises and sets
early people thought it rotated
around the earth and they were
right about it but not about
the sun which is why it is its
enemy the sun the moon are enemied
and the sun always wins except
for sometimes every so often there’s
a moment when the moon blocks it
out and nothing is seen on earth
the bees stop buzzing the birds
lose their nests in the sudden night
the people become quiet and hushed
and everything is very still
the moon for once is in charge over
the earth and it feels good
to be in charge to get that taste
but it makes it all the bitterer
when the moment is over and
the sun takes back its day
relegating the moon to its borrowed
light in the cold darknesses
of the windless barren night