Oh please don't be sad


Part 35 of the 64-part series called "moon photos"

Nothing lengthens the day like sadness:
it is a pool to stare into, mirrored black
and deep, for hours, doing nothing.
The face you see is not yours, but
it is like yours, somehow, mysteriously.
You can’t think about it too hard or
you’ll fall in, you think to yourself.
Your thoughts mumble themselves onto your face
but you don’t see your lips moving.
You think about pleading but you dno’t
want to beg to yourself. You’re already
on your knees staring at that echo
of yourself mirrored, smirking, in the water.
You feel time passing like the wait
at a restaurant. Other people keep getting called
up to their tables. You know it’s your turn
soon but you’re getting hungry. The longer you wait
the harder it is to go somewhere else.