Andante in B-flat Major

(K. 5b)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Part 8 of the 9-part series called "Mozart Monday"

This piece is deeply unsatisfying. I didn’t realize until too late (i.e., watching the notated video) that this Andante is unfinished, and it ends on such an unresolved chord that it’s tough to listen to.

It’s also very sad in the earlier parts, as well. There’s a lot of dissonance here, and a lot of weird repetition that I think comes too fast and without enough space.

The piece does start well, cheerfully, even, and I do like this part in the middle where the bass resolves the tension.

In fact, now that I’m listening to it a second time, this time without watching the notated video, I’m enjoying it more. It might’ve been the way the little index line moves between the trilled half-notes and the sixteenth notes that resolve out the trilling in the first bit.

Though this ending — the ending really leaves a lot to be desired. It ends on a chord where I know it’s about to go into a conflict area, but of course it would’ve been resolved by the end, in maybe … 20 more bars? But it’s just this dun. It’s not my favorite, definitely not better than last week’s.