And to worship Him ever in the heavens;


Part 18 of the 64-part series called "moon photos"

  1. and to bow at His feet and be naked, and be glad that you are naked to His eye;
  2. and to feel His gaze on your back like a comforting weight;
  3. and to know what He knows is the same as what you know;
  4. and to understand His love for you is boundless, and in His love you, too, are boundless;
  5. and to bind yourself to that boundless love, to toss off the mortal shackles of profane life, to become air, less than air, to become nothing;
  6. or to become one with the One who is One;
  7. and to become a part of His body, to reject your smallness for His largeness, to forget yourself;
  8. and to become a cell in the larger whole of creation;
  9. then something is lost even though all is gained, but is the gaining worth the losing, the loss of something so small the price of the gain of so much;
  10. then what are you to do, or do you have a choice, are you bound already to Him?