Part 9 of the 66-part series called "moon photos"

Often confused for their cousins the alligators
they are not the same they are the svelter relative
they have large teeth yes which is similar
but they do not live in America like alligators
do but rather they live elsewhere how obvious is it
I ask you now how obvious is it I did no research
whatsoever about crocodiles before now and in fact
am still doing no research how clear to your mind
is the fact that crocodiles are to mine as muddy
as the mud they probably reside in probably lie in
all day long or maybe at night probably they lay
eggs and surely they care for them though again
I can’t be sure can you can anyone for that matter
who are we to assume we know the inner workings
of crocodiles if we can’t even know our fellow
human beings as we walk on the earth I mean our
motives are at least understandable most of the time
to each other but crocodiles are enigmas mysteries
fall through their mouths and never emerge again