AudioMo 2019 post-mortem

#AudioMo 2019 is over. I fell off, like I thought I would, when I drove back to my parent’s house for my bachelor party. I did manage to make three more recordings in June:

  • a talk as I drove through Chattanooga on the way home (day 11)
  • a recording of Abrams Falls (day 16)
  • a recording of a street jazz band in New Orleans (day 25)

That last recording was taken from the balcony of the Dat Dog on Frenchman Street. We were there because I’d messed up the cake tasting location — I’d been talking with a baker for our wedding cake and set up a tasting, and she sent me her address, which I assumed was in Baton Rouge since I’d eaten her cakes in Baton Rouge, but when the day came, it turned out she was in New Orleans. We were an hour late to the tasting but she was really gracious about it.

I had the best carrot cake I’ve ever eaten in my life, and some of the best chantilly and chocolate cakes as well. We’re going with her for the wedding, which is great, and then we got to go to Dat Dog, so overall the night was a rousing success.

I just felt bad for a while for making everyone drive down to New Orleans, but we had a great time anyway — as you can hear from the jazz band. Sometimes everything works out okay.