Photographing the moon in color for a year


Part 1 of the 66-part series called "moon photos"

Today, I read an article about neural networks generating ship names. The names were pretty good, and I thought it sure would be neat to title poems that way. Then I found out (through another article) that there’s a website where you can use GPT–2 to generate your own text! So I went ahead and generated a list of titles by

  1. getting a list of all the poems I’ve written so far on my blog,
  2. pasting them five at a time into Talk to Transformer’s box (I tried pasting all of them at once, but the Transformer would only generate a few lines after them. Pasting five at a time gave me a lot of titles to go off of), and
  3. cleaning up the resulting list to get rid of too-long or ungrammatical titles, such as this:

    I had a big belly by 9:30pm, but I was already starving after being on the floor all morning . You can’t eat a cake on the floor because of the weight. My stomach hurts to walk like a fat person and be at that level all day.. and they had no food to give my stomach or my face or that awful feeling in the chest. The food, the meal. The food. The delicious food. Nothing tasted this good, so we ate every last bit of it. That’s where I ended up with a stomach ache, I swear I vomited the entire thing out. They gave me a drink so I didn’t lose stomach to that awful feeling. So I was still starving at 9:30 when they asked if I wanted to go to McDonald’s, because that’s when they

    There was also some stuff in there from a hymn or homily or something, so I got rid of that too.

That left a list of almost 365 titles — enough for a year, I thought to myself. So I generated a few more (to bring me up to 400), and set this challenge for myself:

I will write a post every day for a year, starting today, July 1, 2019, with a title randomly pulled from my list of titles.

Today is the first one — I thought it was fitting, since it has year in the title. It’s going to be weird and strange, and hopefully a lot of fun! The full list of titles I’m pulling from is here.