Web art

Today for #AudioMo I’m doing something a little different: I’m announcing my web-art site at tilde.town! For those of you who don’t know, tilde.town is a shared computer online. It’s sort of half-social-network, half-maker-space, and half-art-community. It’s got all sorts of old-school stuff, like gopher holes, intra-server email, IRC, BBS, MOTDs, and a ton of other acronyms too. I’d recommend checking out all of the users’ pages, which you can find by going to the home page and clicking around.

Anyway, today’s #AudioMo submission is there. It’s called oregano and it’s a kind of HTML video piece. I’m not sure if it’s good or just weird! If you have an opinion, feel free to email me using the leave a comment link to the right!

If you can’t hear the audio, your browser probably doesn’t allow auto-playing audio. Which is really a good thing! Good job, browser!

(You can listen to the file here instead.)