Minuet in F Major

(K. 4)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Part 5 of the 9-part series called "Mozart Monday"

Since it’s apparently #AudioMo, I decided to do this post as an audio review. You should be able to see the player above (or a direct download link), and a description follows below.The file is in Ogg Vorbis, which is a libre audio format. If you can’t play it, get VLC.

Mozart’s Minuet in F Major, K. number 4. Starts with a lot of trilling, then it has this little up, UP part, which is kind of nice. And it does that again. It has a triplet thing, and then it’s going to repeat.

That thing at the end, it’s — a lot of Mozart’s, at least his early stuff, the stuff I’ve listened to so far, has a lot of that doo-DooA note just off the harmony sliding up a half-step into the harmonic. It provides a sort of tension at the end of the phrase. thing going on. And I don’t know if that was the style at the time, or if that was his thing, but, uh, it’s okay — I’m kind of getting tired of it. I’m like — I don’t know — when’s the next — I’m ready for something new, Mozart, you know?

And then this part’s kind of like, Oooh, you know, what’s going on? A little different. We got the thing going back to the beginning and OH SHIT it’s a — bass drop! Which is kind of nice. (Pardon my french, by the way, but that is what that’s like, so.)

There’s that final dooooo-Doo, same thing at the end, so.

Anyway, that’s the Mozart Minuet in F Major, K. 4, uhh, YEP. Alright, this is #AudioMo, day 3. Just found out about it today, so I have an excuse.