Allegro for Harpsichord

(K. 3)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Part 4 of the 9-part series called "Mozart Monday"

I don’t know if the variations on the theme during the repetitions, as seen in my source video, are a common thing in music or Mozart’s time period or Mozart himself, or even just a thing that Sheetmusic2print does on their channel, but I love it. It adds some interesting spice to the mix.

That being said, this piece is fun. It’s got that establishment of the theme early on, with a (possibly minor?) inversion after the halfway point, with a return to the main theme to finish it out.

It makes me think of two people walking around the city and pointing things out to each other, and generally having a good time until maybe one of them steps in dog doo, which is all, OH NO! but it turns out okay because now it’s a joke the two of them can share going ahead.