Tales from the Fediverse I

So over in the Fediverse, there’s a guy called David, a Webcomic who put out an all call a few months ago for artists for a new Fediverse zine. I pitched my little drawings to him and he said he’d publish them!Of course, me being me, I said I could write an original story with my two characters, and of course, I didn’t get around to it. But David was gracious and accepted what I’ve already drawn.

And so, on Friday, that zine dropped. Read it here. It has my work at the very end, but there’s much better stories in there. Here’s a survey:

The Blob by qwazix
a cutely disturbing (disturbingly cute?) little story about a blob who gets fed up with social media and … fixes the problem, in a way. I really like the art style, and qwazix is able to tell a compelling story with no dialogue.
Sara Nelso, Exorcist by Yncke
A great beginning to a story in a galactic civilization featuring an exorcist as she plans to banish an alien demon. I need to find the rest of this story, because what we have in Tales of the Fediverse is a great set-up and beautifully drawn in ballpoint pen.
Of Lusku, And How She Became a Mariner by James Baillie
A short but deep story of a girl growing up. Lusku lives on a living island (a great idea) with her family, and one day travellers come who tell three epic stories of their travels. Lusku decides she wants to become a mariner and live those stories, but is reminded by one of the crew that real life is lived in truth, and a story is both more than and less than truth. I really liked the world-building and would love to see more stories based in it.

favorite line: Dawn cracked like an egg, golden across the world and water.

Stair Loop by Duck Dodgers
A six-panel Escherian loop of two figures going up and down stairs. I like the style of the figures and their emotions.
Dungeons, Dragons, and Dipwads by David
The first part of a series that follows a band of questers as they quest, DnD-style. I really appreciate the lo-fi, MS-Paint drawing style (though I think it was made in better software), and the humorous (if at times overly expository) dialogue.

I rounded out the first issue, and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Hopefully I can be in the next one, which should come out around November!