6 little poems

Part 26 of the 26-part series called "Napowrimo 2019"

Napowrimo 2019 is winding down, and I’m six poems short. Here they are, written at the last possible minute.

1. Nature as a master

How does the color of everything go together so well?
Nature has no bad combinations. She is master
of coordination. Sometimes I am jealous of her.
This is not what I wanted to say with this poem.

2. Neighbors

The sky matches the trees match the house
matches the door matches the dogs match the grass
they roll in: harmony is the placing together
of complements, or are they just neighbors?

3. Monster trucks

The dirt at the monster truck rally kicked
the cars into the air till they stood at
attention like trained bears at the circus
People drove the cars who drove the bears

4. Yellow air

The air sometimes takes on a yellow tint
or blue when the feeling strikes it right
I suppose it’s the dust that colors it
that stirs it into a mixed drink of breathing

5. Cleaving

There are pleasures and their opposites
all mixed up together in life. Sometimes
two pleasures, when juxtaposed, turn into
their opposites. They cleave each other.

6. Curation

Is creation curated, or rather is it better
to call it a curation, that is was it
already made and someone came along and said,
Yes, this is meaningful. This is nothing?