Slime mold

Part 21 of the 26-part series called "Napowrimo 2019"

"Human designers had created that network to be as efficient as possible; the slime mold had done the same, but without any brainpower. quoted by

Maybe we think too much maybe
we’re using too many brain cells
to solve problems maybe we
worry too much over little things
and not enough over big things
maybe there are too many ways
to solve every problem we think
maybe the questions we’re asking
are wrong maybe the answers we find
are for other questions maybe we’re
being too general here maybe we should
find a specific example to make our point
But what are we trying to say
except for nothing in particular
just filling up the void with empty
words air instead of nothing at all
and we think that’s okay sometimes
when we talk about it to other people
it’s okay we say and then later
at home we sit on the edge of
our beds and stare out the window
or more likely blankly at the computer
screen and don’t really think of
anything at all or rather nothing
in particular but a lot of things
non-particularly like how there’s nothing
really going on or there isn’t any
meaning but does there have to be
we ask ourselves a counterpoint to
maybe make us feel better about things
things being the meaninglessness
of the world in a mind that needs
meaning maybe we make our own meaning
or maybe we’re running around
slime molds finding bits of food
the meaning to life is staying alive
is a cynical thing to think but
there we have it something to consider