Chromatic descending "wah"

More like anticlimactic disinterested,
am I right? More like
You think it’s a joke but it’s not even
one, and it’s not that it’s too soon
it’s that it’s not a joke at all, am
I right? More like you, Lewandowski,
puncher of journalists, womper of children,
for god’s sake, have made it impossible for me
to take a tone more somber here, am I right?
More like the complete inability to defeat
Snark, capitalized, think-pieced, the only recourse
to enthrall oneself and spit it back lamely
at the origin, am I right? More like is there any
love left in the world, I wonder, I’ve been
wondering for more than a week, while I call my
representatives and stew on the stuff I see
on the news and still somehow listen to those
like you, Corey, because I can’t stop myself, I
care I guess, and you just don’t, and that’s
the problem, isn’t it, am I right? More like,
You’ve figured out how to short-circuit
the whole dialogue, and there’s nothing
I can do about it, because everything is accompanied
with a snicker, everything, outrage, pain, death,
separations, lifelong trauma, all of it, am I
right? More like, in a way, your chromatic
descending wah wasn’t a commentary on the current
situation on the border as much as it is a meta-commentary
on our complete inability to comment
meaningfully on any current event in a cynical,
materialistic, consumerist society, am I right?