She's like a broken record

but like a really really big one
that has a lot of silence on it
for some reason
                and it doesn’t have
any of the other issues with records
like hissing or popping or
that crackly noise old ones get
            when they’ve been out
sitting in a barn for some time
in the rain and the sun alternatingly
or not so alternatingly
                        I wasn’t
keeping track of the weather
                             I’m not
a meteorologist or anything but
I do notice when they’re not looking
at the off-screen screen during their
report but instead at the screen
behind them that’s supposedly green
but I’m not so sure now
because they’re looking at it
and watching it like I am
                            like a viewer
or something and honestly
it makes me pretty uncomfortable
so I guess what I’m saying is
maybe it’s actually the record
player that’s broken instead