a portrait of Case

Case Duckworth

This is me. I work in a library during the day, and I write, cook, doodle, make noise, code, crochet, read, bike, foster dogs, and live in my spare time.

And this is my personal space on the internet. My personal webpage. It's pretty simple right now, but it's slowly growing as I think of new stuff. I've also got some creative stuff up on my tilde.town page, if you want to look at that. I'm also an admin and founder at breadpunk.club and for the Fediverse Writer's Webring.

So this is it, for now. If you really want to see my older site, you can see it at its git repository.

If you've got an idea for what I can do with this, drop me a line or @ me.


The latest things I've done are listed here. If you want to know more generally what I've been up to, check out my now page.

food Lately I've been interested in ferments.
drop biscuits